Five questions with amazing queer South Asians from around the world

Out and Proud Project

New Sher Vancouver Logo

Sher Vancouver is pleased to launch:

The OUT and PROUD Project
Five questions with amazing queer South Asians from around the world

Sher Vancouver is looking for queer South Asians to interview from all over Canada and the world.

People from all walks of life rich or poor, especially artists, activists, and community leaders, are welcome to showcase the strength and diversity of the queer South Asian global community.

Sher Vancouver has already received interest in this project from Canada, USA, UK, and India.

We would like everyone to know about the great things queer South Asian people are doing every day, everywhere around the world and the positive impact they are having on society, culture, and people’s lives.

If you want your story, voice, and life experiences heard to help be a catalyst for social change please check out the Submit a Story – Five Questions section of this project blog.

Your story will be published on the Sher Vancouver website and project blog and extensively on social media networks, as well the media may pick up on your story.


Everyone is unique and has a story. You never know what story someone will relate to and how it will impact them.

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